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Nasal Cannulas

Caplugs Evergreen offers custom nasal cannula solutions to fit your needs. Our soft cannulas reduce pressure ulceration and help to decrease the work required to breathe, which decreases strain on the heart and delivers the critically needed supplemental oxygen to the patient. Let our exceptional engineering team work with you to develop a nasal cannula solution for your hospital or healthcare facility.

Nasal Cannulas

Custom designs to meet your specifications

Custom solutions for nasal cannulas

Caplugs Evergreen has the engineering expertise and industry experience to help you develop, test and produce custom nasal cannulas. We are here for every step of product development, and can work with you to develop a part that meets your size, color and volume requirements. We work as your partner throughout product development and manufacturing, and offer unmatched support at every step of the process.

  • Nasal cannulas can be molded for neonatal to adult sizes
  • Capable of high or low flow ranges of 1-8 L/min, 1-20 L/min, and 5-40 L/min
  • Custom vinyl dip product available with flared or unflared tips
  • Low durometer ranging from 47 to 65 on the Shore A durometer scale
  • Our cannulas are chop cut, lathe cut and double polybagged
  • Class 8 cleanroom manufacturing available

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Caplugs has helped countless customers with custom designs throughout our 75-year history. For your custom nasal cannula solution, trust our in-house team of design engineers to help develop the part you need. We work with you from initial design through prototyping and final production. Contact us today to learn more and get a quote for your custom nasal cannulas.

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