Caplugs Introduces New Clear Label Masking

Caplugs is expanding its range of masking solutions with the introduction of new clear masking options for several popular masking tapes and die cuts.

This new clear masking is a perfect solution for finishing operations that include parts with labels, UPCs, serial numbers or other identifying marks. The masking protects these marks or tracking information from being powder coated, painted or otherwise impacted by finishing work, while allowing operators to still easily read or scan labels. The fully transparent nature of this new clear line also offers operators an advantage over Caplugs existing green tinted series, which some users reported causing a read issue with certain barcode scanners.

Clear Masking Tape

“With the clear masking, we give customers a new option to meet the needs of their finishing operations,” said Derek Stefaniak, product marketing manager at Caplugs. “Clear masking protects identifying information on a product while still making it easy to read or scan as it moves to painting or powder coating, helping streamline manufacturing.”

Clear masking is available as an option for the existing PC21-SH Series polyester tape rolls as well as the PC-SH Series of polyester discs, squares, rectangles and donuts. The new option continues to offer heat resistance up to 400°F (204°C) and uses strong silicone adhesive that leaves behind no residue. Customers can also order these masking solutions with custom pull-tabs to expedite removal or work with the Caplugs team to develop a custom die-cut shape for a specific masking application.

“In addition to the benefits of the transparent masking, options like pull-tabs offer help masking operators work more quickly and consistently, a boon for manufacturers looking to be as efficient as possible amid labor shortages impacting all industries,” added Stefaniak.

Download the new sell sheet for clear masking solutions here, or place an order by contacting the masking experts at Caplugs. Speak with your account manager today to learn more or call Caplugs at 1.888.CAPLUGS (227.5847).