Molding Processes
To develop a solution that meets cost, performance, production, or other requirements, we offer six different molding processes.


 Our die-cutting process is done in-house and is fully customizable, ensuring a quick turnaround and economical pricing.

  • Standard and custom materials, including adhesive backing
  • Cut up to 60"x120"
  • Four processes available: sample plotter, rotary die cutter, steel rule
    die machine and flash cutter
  • Designed from a Solidworks, CAD, .jpg, or .pdf file
  • No tooling needed allows for lower costs and faster production
  • Customized kit designs for multi-mask projects – ideal for use in automotive and aviation components

Custom Capabilities

Caplugs can die-cut any shape from simple circles and squares to complex designs. From rigid, durable materials to soft, flexible variations, we can produce a die-cut part more quickly and efficiently than anyone in the industry can.

Choose from a variety of materials including

  • Magnetic
  • 2-ply foam
  • Adhesive-backed
  • 2" thick rigid