BM-SH Series

Bore Masks

Caplugs’ Bore Masks have been designed to protect highly precisioned machined surfaces during the painting and or blasting process on heavy equipment (ex: an excavator’s bucket linkage assembly).

The connection is comprised of two steel or metal components, where the bore holes are aligned and a pin is used to secure the connection between them. Keeping the internal diameter free of paint will eliminate the need to go back and clean the surface.

  • Easy to install. Squeeze the mask and insert into the bore. Align to either side, and you’re ready to paint. Will not leave residue when removed.
  • Over 100 existing diameter and length sizes are available. We can customize to your bore size and length or we can custom kit various sizes for your entire unit, giving you a fixed known cost per unit and better inventory control.
  • Lower cost allows for one-time use, eliminating the need to clean parts, saving you time and labor.
  • Alternative pull plugs can leave paint residue on the edge of the bore hole when removed. This may require that the bore and the plugs be cleaned after the paint has been cured, increasing unnecessary costs and additional labor.

Standard material: EPDM Rubber
Alternative materials upon request: Neoprene or Silicone
For custom sizes, provide us your bore size diameter and the length you need.