SWUV Series

Universal Sleeve-Web®

Caplugs Universal Sleeve-Web® is our most economical and versatile protective netting yet. This netting easily expands to hug various sizes while still providing durable protection against scratches and impact. With multiple sizes available, Universal Sleeve-Web® is ideal for just about any packaging solution.

Cushion your components and protect finished surfaces from scratching and damage during transit with Caplugs full line of Sleeve-Web® products. Our reusable plastic netting’s elasticity ensures a snug fit and a non-slip grip on straight-sided parts and those with tapered or varying contours.

  • For most of your typical protection needs
  • Greatest flexibility
  • Impact and scratch protection

Material: Low-density polyethylene
Service Temperature: -94 - 175° F (-70 - 79° C)
Standard Color: Varies - see chart