TSV Series

Vented Tapered Caps & Plugs

The Caplugs TSV Series is ideal for powder coaters to use as a tapered cap or plug during coating and curing when back-pressure could be an issue.

The material choice of silicone allows for high-temperature coating and curing temperatures vs. standard plastic tapers, up to 600° F (315° C). The flexible material allows for a secure fit and is available in two durometers: 70 Red and 45 Natural.

The 70 Red will have a more structured feel, while the 45 Natural offers extreme flexibility.

• Vent feature reduces internal pressure
• Flexible material allows for snug fit
• Hollow design allows for easy insertion
• For use up to 600° F (315° C)

Material: Ultrabake™ Silicone
Color: Natural (45 durometer) and Red (70 durometer)