Connector Plugs

Plugs to protect electrical connections, ports and components
Caplugs offers a full range of connector plugs designed to protect electrical ports and components from contamination, damage or electrical charge during the shipping and storage process.

These plugs have been created for a variety of specific settings, including PC connections, such as Ethernet ports, USB connections or power cords ports. Plugs use a variety of materials to prevent contaminants from entering the port or connection, with static dissipative materials used to prevent unintended electrical discharges from damaging your product.

Most connector plugs are available in standard, conductive or static dissipative materials, and serve as a low-cost insurance to protect your expensive electronics. In addition, many of the connector plugs are designed to meet ESD protection requirements and MIL/NAS specifications.

Explore the range of connector plugs available at Caplugs online today or contact our team to learn more about custom capabilities and resizing to meet your specific part requirements.

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