Medical Packaging

Netting, tubing, vials and more medical packaging solutions
Find a full range of tubing, containers, caps and netting at Caplugs to help protect your medical devices, parts and components during shipping, transport and storage.

ClearView® tubing and containers are ideal for use as medical packaging. These transparent containers make it easy to see your products while providing protection for medical devices and components. Sleeve-Web® netting slides over oddly shaped items to safeguard from impact and protect during processing, shipment and storage. Plus, with our wide range of standard caps and plugs, you can find solutions to cover critical ports and valves from dust or debris during shipping, storage and use.

Explore the full range of in-stock and ready-to-ship medical packaging parts online now. Need help finding the right solution or want to speak with an expert about custom parts? Call us today at 888.CAPLUGS.

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