Tapered Caps

Tapered caps for product protection
Tapered caps are a staple of Caplugs’ extensive product protection solutions, providing incredible versatility to handle both capping and plugging needs. Designed with a distinctive shape, these caps can be used to cover a variety of product ends and or often used in reverse to plug a hole or fitting. In many cases, one part can adaptively provide protection for multiple components or even the same part in different steps in production or finishing, making them a versatile addition to your product protection inventory.

Caps are available with and without threads, with tab options for easier handling, insertion or removal. These caps also can be ordered with specially designed wide tips to handle masking and protection needs simultaneously. Some series are also available with textured layers or a vented design that allows air to flow during product installation. Tapered caps are also available in a full range of material options, and several product options, such as our popular T Series and WW Series, are designed to meet MIL/NAS specifications.

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