Hose Guard
Caplugs offers the full line of Pig's Tail™ Spiral Wrap and hose guard

Protect hose and cable from damage

Caplugs offers a full line of hose protection. From the industry leading Pig’s Tail™ Spiral Wrap to our anti-abrasion sleeve, Caplugs provides a hose protection solution for every application and environment. Manufactured under our stringent ISO certified quality management system, we ensure consistent, quality products.

  • Provide heavy-duty protection for hoses and cables
  • Increase service life of hydraulic hoses
  • Flexible, tough and durable
  • Available in multiple sizes, colors and styles
  • Accessories for hose wrapping and maintenance plugs

For more information, download the Pig's Tail product line overview sell sheet.

Pig's Tail™ Spiral Wrap is manufactured from 100% virgin high density polyethylene (HDPE). It is easy to install and designed to provide heavy-duty protection for hydraulic hoses.

Fire-Resistant Anti-Static (FRAS) Wrap is a conductive thermoplastic compound on a polyethylene base, designed and certified for safe usage in mines and underground applications. FRAS has an extremely good balance or mechanical properties and tested to MSHA #IC-264/0, AS1880.10B, AS1180.13A and AS2600.

Anti-Abrasion Sleeve is a tough textile sheath suitable for hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Provides excellent protection against extreme temperatures and abrasion

  • Highly durable
  • MSHA Certified #1C-281
  • Resistant to most solvents, oils, acids and alkalis
  • Protects people and equipment from bursting hoses

Nightglow Spiral Wrap developed from tough HDPE and photoluminescent not only protects your hoses and cables but also emits light, allowing for easy identification of hydraulics lines, equipment and static objects in low light or nighttime conditions. Fluorescent glow lasts up to 12 hours.

Electrical Guard is a low-density polyethylene wrap designed to wrap bundles of wires to make neat looms and protect the conductors. It will accommodate a large range of diameters and allows breakouts at any point.

Service Plugs are designed to plug hoses, rigid pipes, spoon valves and ports on pumps and motors to prevent oils and chemicals from contaminating the environment and preserve costly oils and liquids inside the system during maintenance. Available in Industrial Grade or FDA Compliant Material for use on food line equipment.

Wrapman is designed to wrap Pig’s Tail spiral wrapping onto hydraulic hoses

  • Increases wrapping speeds
  • Wraps hose assemblies from 1/8 to 2 in.
  • Two mounting lugs (to clamp in vice)
  • Easy operation; adjustable screw-in locator