Electrical Caps

Protect your electrical connections, ports and components
Protect critical electrical connections, ports and components throughout the lifecycle of your product with Caplugs’ selection of electrical caps.

These specialized caps are designed to deliver protection for the specialized connectors and fittings that are critical to electronic parts and devices. Protect against damage or wear from external contaminants, leakage, weather or even accidental electrical charge or static during shipping, storage and handling.

Available in an array of different styles and colors, and made from standard, conductive or static dissipative materials, these parts serve as a low-cost insurance that can protect your expensive electronics. In addition, many of Caplugs’ electrical caps are designed to meet ESD protection (electrostatic discharge) requirements and MIL/NAS specifications.

Find the right electrical cap for your part or product online now or contact Caplugs today to learn about specialized or custom solutions for your unique needs.

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