Pipe Caps

Caps designed for plumbing, ducting and other pipe work
Caplugs’ line of pipe caps offers product protection for piping and connectors, shielding critical threaded ends or specialized fittings from damage during transportation to the job site, storage or shipping. Pipe caps are also commonly used to protect pipe threading and fittings during any finishing processes, ensuring that these connections are not damaged during painting, e-coating or other work.

Our pipe caps are available in a variety of styles, including all common threading types and vented caps to maintain air pressure during installation. Caplugs also features plugs with our patented Grip It & Rip It™ design, which allows for easier installation and removal. Pipe caps are offered in multiple sizes up to 64 inches, with a variety of color options and different material selections available. We also offer custom design solutions to help match you with the exact product you need.

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