Pig's Tail Hose Protection

Hose protection for the toughest jobs

Featuring a right-cut design, Pig's Tail hose protection is made using high-density polyethylene (HDPE), offering enhanced UV protection and durability to protect fluid lines, cabling and other hoses from damage.

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Pig's Tail Spiral Wrap & Complementary Products

Pig's Tail hose protection has been a part of Caplugs for several years, offering customers a durable and reliable solution to prevent damage to their critical connections. Available in four standard colors – black, yellow, blue and red – Pig's Tail spiral wrap features tight coils that minimize hose exposure and maximize protection.

With its uniquely rounded and beveled edges, Pig's Tail spiral wrap is easy to install on both loose and mounted hoses, cables and fluid lines. Made with HDPE, these wraps prevent premature wear and offer heavy-duty durability even in extreme temperatures ranging from -40° F to 280° F. Avoid issues with wear and damaged hoses by choosing our top-of-the-line protection options.

Aside from our spiral hose wrapping, we offer service plugs, anti-abrasion sleeves, glow-in-the-dark hose wrap, spiral electrical wrap and other hose protection products for your hydraulic and industrial equipment. Pig's Tail products are available in a range of standard diameter sizes and are stocked in carton quantities to meet high-volume needs. Learn more about the full range of Pig's Tail hose protection and complementary product lines below. Request samples or place your order conveniently online today.

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