Safeplast spiral wrap, hose guard & related products
Safeplast spiral wrap and hose guard make it simple and convenient to protect or bundle your critical hoses and service lines. Whether you need to prevent damage to hydraulic lines or manage your hoses more effectively, you'll find a solution at Caplugs.

With a left-cut design, Safeplast spiral wraps are manufactured with UV protective and anti-static additives to offer greater protection. Choose from a range of standard sizes and small pre-cut quantities or contact Caplugs to learn about custom cut-to-length orders.

In addition, Safeplast spiral guards can be ordered in a variety of colors to meet a specific need. Caplugs also carries the full range of complementary products, including Safe-Wrap, Safe-Sleeve and Safe-Strips to better manage and secure hoses, as well as the Safe-WhipStop that prevents whiplash from burst hoses that can lead to injuries or spill hazards.

Learn more about the full line of Safeplast products, request free samples or place your order today at Caplugs.

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