Caplugs medical device protection and molded components

Caplugs Standard Medical Parts

Choose from thousands of precision molded caps, plugs and other plastic components to protect your medical equipment and devices during critical processes, such as sterilization, packaging, shipping and storage


Instrument & Tip Protection

Choose from hundreds of caps and plugs designed to protect delicate medical instruments from impact and contamination. Manufactured of medical-grade materials, these parts are able to withstand the high temperatures and harsh environments of the industry’s most commonly used sterilization processes. Ergonomically designed for easy installation and removal, these guards can be left on the instrument after sterilization as shipping protection.


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Caplugs medical connector line features funnels and Y connectors for a variety of medical applications including wound drainage and perfusion. Available in popular sizes and materials. In addition to the catalog offering, our team of design engineers can custom design a part specific to your needs.


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Medical Packaging

ClearView® tubing and containers are used for packaging and protection of medical devices and components. Sleeve-Web® netting slides over oddly shaped items to safeguard from impact and protect during processing, shipment and storage.


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Silicone Caps

Highly flexible, yet durable material ideal for sterilization processes, product protection and a variety of other applications. Natural parts are molded from a specially formulated grade of silicone rubber, which eliminates coloring agents that could bleed under high temperatures.


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Tethered Caps

Caplugs line of tethered caps are available in several materials and sizes to protect tubes and ports from contamination. A tether keeps the cap in place when not in use and the cap provides easy removal and reapplication when draining fluid.


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