Clear Label Masking

Caplugs Acquires Polykap srl to Expand European Manufacturing Capabilities and Service Footprint

Caplugs recently completed the acquisition of Polykap srl in San Marino as part of the company’s ongoing efforts to expand its manufacturing and service options for European customers. Read more about Polykap and the advantages this offers customers in Italy and western Europe in our press release.


Polykap srl Acquired by Caplugs

Clear Label Masking

Caplugs Introduces New Clear Label Masking

Caplugs is expanding its range of masking solutions with the introduction of new clear masking options for several popular masking tapes and die cuts. This new transparent option makes it easier for users or scanning devices to read serial numbers, bar codes or other labeling, protecting these identifiers during masking operations while making them easy to see for tracking and tracing throughout the manufacturing process. Learn more about clear masking in our press release.  


Clear Label Masking

Tube Adapter - Re-Engineering

How Reengineered Components Optimize Medtech

Reengineering is one way that manufacturers can work to improve upon an existing solution, recreate a protective device that is no longer available or even assist in providing an alternative supply during times of product shortage or lack of availability. Learn more about how reengineering works and the processes used at Caplugs in a new article at Med Device Online.


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Variety of Caplugs Netting

Myriad Factors Behind Increased Delays & Costs Across Manufacturing

Many different factors beyond just the ongoing pandemic have impacted manufacturers over the last 18 months, most critically at the market level for raw materials, which has led to major price fluctuations, supply shortages, issues with shipping and other impacts that have driven up costs across the board. Let’s look at some of what has brought us to this point to fully appreciate the challenges faced not just at Caplugs, but across the manufacturing industry when it comes to delivering the products you rely on every day.


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Variety of Caplugs Netting

Nothing but Net – How Plastic Netting Is a Slam Dunk for Product Protection

Plastic netting is a great solution for protecting a wide variety of products, Used as a separator for stacked products or stretched to fit the odd sizes or angles of your unique part, netting is versatile and durable making it more reliable than cardboard, wood or other materials that can degrade when wet. Learn more about the benefits of plastic netting and see how the extrusion process that makes it works in our new blog. 


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Custom EPDM Cap

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Custom Masking

Custom masking offers a purpose-built solution for operators, making it faster, simpler and easier to prepare parts for finishing work like painting, e-coating or powder coating. These custom parts offer a number of benefits when compared with standard tapes or imperfect off-the-shelf solutions that require additional prep work. Traditional techniques can also lead to masking inconsistencies, requiring time-consuming and costly reworking of components. But one of the common questions we're asked is whether a custom designed solution is worth the investment. We break down the costs and benefits in a new article at Products Finishing


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Mold Flow Modeling

Design for Manufacturing

Designing a product with consideration for the manufacturing process can reduce production times and costs. Through design for manufacturing, Caplugs' experts can help fully analyze a customer's exact needs and medical part protection requirements and use that information to help simplify and streamline manufacturing, transport, storage and protection capabilities. Read more about design for manufacturing and the considerations for plastic medical products in this recent article from Med Device Online. 


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custom rubber diaphragm

Custom Rubber Solutions

Caplugs extensive custom manufacturing capabilities have been supporting customers across various industries for the past 70 years. Caplugs has streamlined the custom part development process to make it easy and efficient for our customers, and our custom rubber components have created solutions for customers in every industry. Check out this selection of custom rubber parts from our rubber brochure to see the variety of rubber parts we have designed and manufactured for customers in the automotive industry, medical industry, & more.


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medical instrument tip guard

Protect Your Orthopaedic Components & Your Bottom Line

Caplugs' standard catalog includes a variety of in-stock options for covering and protecting delicate tips and surface from impact and protecting end-users from sharp tips. Caplugs also manufactures clear rigid tubing that makes an excellent option for packaging. Our open-ended round tubing is available in 27 different diameters and is cut to the customer-required length. Learn more about how we can support your orthopaedic line in our new orthopaedic brochure.


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spiral wrap hoses

Our Full Line of Hose Protection

Caplugs offers a comprehensive line of hose guard and other hose and cable management products. Pig's Tail Spiral Wrap may be our most popular, but we carry additional hose guard options, such as Fire-Resistant Anti-Static (FRAS) wrap, and NightGlow hose guard for easy identification of hydraulic lines at night. Our spiral wrap can also be used for cables and wires - check out our Electrical Guard for that. For a quick overview of our entire line, check out our sell sheet below.


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medical device protection

Think About Protective Parts Early

New products can take years to design, especially in the high-tech medical device industry. With so much effort going into the design of the device itself, it can be easy to forget about how to protect the part during shipping or storage. Protecting your product from damage can save money an ensure it is ready to ship to customers on time. Learn more about your protective options in this article, with a focus on medical device.


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custom rubber parts

Developing Your Custom Rubber Part

There is a lot to consider when developing a new rubber component. What kind of environment will the part be used in? Does the rubber part need to resist any specific chemicals? What physical properties are important for it's performance? Because of the unique characteristics of rubber components, dimensions have to be considered differently than parts made from more rigid materials. Learn more about common polymers, their characteristics, and how to understand dimensions and tolerances in this selection from our rubber brochure.


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sleeve web on medical parts

Plastic Netting & Sleeve Web

Plastic Netting & Sleeve Web is used in a variety of industries to enhance the storage and transport of products. Caplugs offers a variety of plastic netting products, from our super-flexible light-duty sleeve web for complex-shaped parts, to our pre-cut netting for wine and liquor bottles. Check out our complete offering in our Sleeve-Web brochure


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octg thread protector

We've Got You Covered from Rig to Refinery

Caplugs carries a full line of products serving the OCTG and Pipe, Valve and Flange markets. From pipe chocks to hold pipes in place during shipping and storage and API thread protectors, to standard pipe caps and full and raised-face flange protection. Check our our Oil & Gas product map to see what areas of the process our parts can protect.


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clear plastic medical packaging tubes

Using Extruded Tubes for Medical Device Packaging

Protecting medical devices with the right packaging is a significant decision in the product development process. Rigid extruded tubing offers many benefits - it's customizable, affordable, and can even be sterilized. Learn more about the extrusion process and how these tubes can address common medical product packaging issues in this article by Mike McElhaney - one of Caplugs' extrusion engineers - featured on Med Device Online.


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custom silicone mask for gear

Why Consider Custom Masking

Repeatability. Efficiency. Cost Savings. Just some of the many reasons to consider investing in a custom masking solution for your finishing process. A custom mask can cut masking time down significantly and bring consistency to your process, resulting in cost savings in both standard processing time and reduction of rework. Learn more about simplifying your finishing process in this article by John Gill.


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injection molding machine clean room

Tool Design During COVID & Beyond

When critical molded components are required for urgently needed products, OEMs need a molding partner they can trust to build a reliable and effective tool to produce parts on. Although there are many factors to consider when investing in an injection molding partner, and tool design is a critical aspect. Learn more about tool design considerations when selecting your molding partner in one of our articles featured in Medical Design Briefs.


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silicone, vinyl, & paper masking caps

Which Masking Cap is Right for You?

Caplugs offers a wide selection of caps for use with masking in a variety of materials. Silicone caps are best for high-temperature masking processes. Our high-temperature vinyl caps are suitable for temperatures up to 475° F, but we can easily manufacture additional lengths without new tooling. What kind of cap is best for your finishing process? Learn more in this article featured in Finishing & Coating magazine by one of our resident masking experts, John Gill


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medical cannual design

Three Key Discussion Points When Quoting Medical Components

One of Caplugs' own design engineers, Clint D. Badowski, recently spoke with Medical Plastic News on three key topics to discuss in detail when quoting a new medical plastic component: Manufacturing, Design & Use, and Material. Medical parts often have more stringent requirements and sensitive uses. View the article below to learn more about why these topics require more attention to detail in the medical industry


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green polyester masking tape custom die cut

Optimize Your Masking Process

There is a better way to mask beyond cutting adhesive tapes by hand for a complex part. Forget the knives, cutting boards, and punches - Caplugs can provide custom, pre-cut shapes called die cut masks, that can be peeled right off a roll and placed directly on a part for masking. Save time, save labor, and save money with Caplugs custom masking solutions.


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New PLG series plugs

Caplugs Launches New PLG Push-In Pipe Plug Series

The new PLG Series push-in pipe plugs are engineered with flexible ribs in a range of various diameters to fit multiple schedules of NPT and line pipe. These plugs are designed with a tapered wall to provide a secure friction-fit, sealing out contaminants and debris.


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hose guard on truck

Helping Keep Trucks on the Road

Caplugs has been a key supplier to those working to sustain daily life during COVID-19. The trucking industry plays a huge part in getting critical supplies and everyday goods to hospitals, businesses, and citizens across the country and around the world. Caplugs manufactures hydraulic hose protection commonly seen on class 7 and 8 semi trucks. Hose protections keeps hoses free from impact damage during transit, reducing costly repairs and truck downtime.


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Caplugs COVID-19 Updates

As we all work together to get through this difficult time, Caplugs has been releasing continuous updates to customers.

Caplugs is operational with critical production and shipping teams on-site. Our product experts and customer support teams are working from home and ready to help. All recent customer communications can be found on our COVID-19 Updates page.


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white vinyl protective end cap

Protecting Respirators, Ventilators and More

Caplugs VC series are commonly used on a wide range of medical devices including ventilators and respirators used in the fight against COVID-19. VC caps are one of our most popular series due to the wide range of sizes and endless applications in a variety of markets.


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Caplugs Has Acquired Caps'n Plugs

Caplugs is excited to announce expansion into Canada. For many years, Caplugs has partnered with Caps’n Plugs as a trusted distributor based in Toronto, Canada. In April 2019, Caplugs officially acquired Caps’ n Plugs.

Caps’n Plugs commitment to service and quality align well with Caplugs core principles. With 45 years of experience, the Caps'n Plugs team, knows the product protection and masking business. The team has experience across all catalog product lines with the technical expertise to address custom solutions as well. The goal is to bring the product offering, customer service and custom molding capabilities to our customers across the globe.


Caplugs Releases New 2019 Catalog

The new 2019 catalog has arrived! The Caplugs catalog features over 430 pages filled with thousands of in-stock and ready-to-ship solutions including caps, plugs, netting, tubing, hose guard, masking products and more.

Click here to download the new catalog


Caplugs Has Acquired Pig'sTail USA and Weldalloy

Caplugs announces the acquisition of Pig's Tail USA and Weldalloy, the leading manufacturer of spiral protective wrap.  Sold to more than 40 countries as the preferred brand in the hydraulics and mining sector.  

Long recognized for its durability and user-friendly installation, the Pig’s Tail product line of superior hose protection aligns well with Caplugs catalog of protective caps, plugs, and other molded components.

Pig'sTail USA / Weldalloy has locations in the United States, Australia and Europe. This addition not only broadens the product line, but it gives Caplugs customers even more global access to products and services with the new facilities.  


View the Full Line of Hose Protection


New Products Coming in 2019!

The new year is right around the corner and we're getting some new products ready to launch. Here is a look at what is coming soon.

  • BWNP-SH Series - Blind Weld Nut Pull Plugs are designed to mask blind weld nuts where it is not possible to thread a mask
  • CSP Series - Countersink Hole Plugs are designed to mask the angled face of the countersunk hole
  • CSPP Series - Countersink Hole Pull Plugs are also designed to mask the angled face of the countersunk hole, but feature a pull tab for easier removal
  • RSPSF-SH Series - Resealable Push in Plugs are sulfur free and designed to protect and seal standard copper tubes
  • TOL-SH Series - Tape On Liner features an extended liner for easy removal

Launch dates will be announced shortly so keep checking in on for details.

Caplugs Logo

Caplugs Has Acquired LoVen Special Products in the Netherlands

In an effort to provide our customers with more global support, Caplugs acquired LoVen Special Products.

LoVen is based in Oss, Netherlands and well respected as a manufacturer of high quality, custom vinyl solutions.  Founded in 1995, LoVen has comprehensive in-house capabilities from part design to full-scale production.  Built on a foundation of service and customer collaboration, LoVen’s values  are a strong complement to Caplugs core principles.

Caplugs will spend the next year growing the team, expanding capabilities in the Netherlands and working with customers to optimize our service and offering.   We are excited to continue to expand our global presence and bring our customers more value, support and convenience.

Chris Malone

Caplugs Masking Expert, Chris Malone, Speaks at Fabtech

Caplugs exhibited at the Fabtech Expo last week in Atlanta. During the show, our own Chris Malone spoke at the "First Things First - Hanging and Masking" session. As a masking expert in the industry, Chris touched on quality issues, cost savings, die cuts, molded rubber, custom masking and more.

Chris was also available throughout the show to speak with those that attended the session as well as those that may have missed it.


Caplugs Is Now On Instagram

Caplugs can now be found on Instagram. Search @Caplugs and follow us to see new products, trade shows, and general company posts and pictures. We hope you'll engage with our posts by liking, commenting, sharing and even asking us questions.

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Caplugs Shares Tariff Increase Notice

The United States Trade Representative (USTR) has imposed a 10% tariff on Section 301 -  List 3 items.  These tariffs are effective September 24, 2018. While we have been able to hold pricing from previously passed tariffs, the tariff on List 3 items brings a heavy impact to our business that we are unable to absorb.  Therefore, effective Wednesday September 26, 2018, Caplugs will apply a surcharge of 7% on all molded rubber, silicone parts and masking hooks imported from our facility in China, to help offset a portion of the increased tariff burden.


Tariff Surcharge Increase Letter – September 26, 2018

Caplugs Logo

Caplugs Shares Tariff Impact Letter

Due to the new import tariffs this year imposed by the United States Trade Representative (USTR), Caplugs recently released an impact letter to customers. The letter outlines that the current impact to business for Sections 232 and 301 has been mild to moderate, but Caplugs absorbed the increases and held prices. List 3 of Section 301 is still pending and if implemented may see a heavy hit. Caplugs continues to monitor the hearings and will update customers as developments occur.


Tariff Impact Notification Letter – September, 17 2018

SRC-MED Series - Medical Silicone Caps

Caplugs SRC-MED series of medical silicone caps are used to protect the ends of delicate medical instruments, tubes ends, and other projections. The SRC-MED series caps are made of medical grade silicone material and produced by Caplugs in a controlled environment to ensure cleanliness and trace-ability requirements are met.


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