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Caplugs Shares Tarriff Increase Notice


The United States Trade Representative (USTR) has imposed a 10% tariff on Section 301 -  List 3 items.  These tariffs are effective September 24, 2018. While we have been able to hold pricing from previously passed tariffs, the tariff on List 3 items brings a heavy impact to our business that we are unable to absorb.  Therefore, effective Wednesday September 26, 2018, Caplugs will apply a surcharge of 7% on all molded rubber, silicone parts and masking hooks imported from our facility in China, to help offset a portion of the increased tariff burden.    


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Caplugs Shares Tarriff Impact Letter


Due to the new import tarriffs this year impossed by the United States Trade Representative (USTR), Caplugs recently released an impact letter to customers. The letter outlines that the current impact to business for Sections 232 and 301 has been mild to moderate, but Caplugs absorbed the increases and held prices. List 3 of Section 301 is still pending and if implemented may see a heavy hit. Caplugs continues to monitor the hearings and will update customers as developments occur.


SRC-MED Series - Medical Silicone Caps


Caplugs SRC-MED series of medical silicone caps are used to protect the ends of delicate medical instruments, tubes ends, and other projections. The SRC-MED series caps are made of medical grade silicone material and produced by Caplugs in a controlled environment to ensure cleanliness and trace-ability requirements are met.