Industry-leading hose protection solutions from Caplugs

Caplugs offers two industry-leading hose protection lines, Pig’s Tail™ and Safeplast™. All of our hydraulic and pneumatic hose protection products are meant to extend the life of your critical connections, protect your investment, and prevent injury, helping minimize downtime and costs on the job.

The need for hose guard

Pig’s Tail and Safeplast are pneumatic and hydraulic hose protection solutions that prevent premature wear and tear and save time and money on repairs and downtime. Investing in Pig’s Tail or Safeplast will extend the life of your hoses and help to protect your investment. Additionally, our superior hose protection products have safety features that prevent injury on the job. Keep reading to learn more about how our hose guard can help you today.

Hose protection for any industry or application, safety, and maintenance

Application and industry

No matter the industry, Pig’s Tail and Safeplast solutions can help offer protection, increase the longevity and lifespan of hoses, and prevent unwanted failures in a variety of uses and applications. For example, our PTFRAS Series is flame retardant. It also has low electrical resistance, which prevents hydraulic hoses and cable bundles from building up an electrical charge in mining, industrial and aggregates applications.

Another important application is wear indication. Our SPAB Series of Safe-Spiral ABRA spiral wrap is designed to assist the operator with identifying failures before they occur by exposing the yellow interior color when the wrap needs to be replaced. Next, let’s discuss how Pig’s Tail and Safeplast solutions can help with safety and maintenance.

Safety and maintenance

In addition to a variety of applications serving multiple industries, Caplugs’ hose protection has several excellent safety features. For example, our SPSWS Series stops the whiplash effect when a hose or cable becomes detached, keeping anyone working in proximity safe. Likewise, the PTPS Series is designed for burst and containment protection for hydraulic hoses and machinery, along with protection and bundling of hoses, cables, chains, wires and more.

Additionally, to make maintenance easy, we offer pre-cut boxes of Safe-Spiral or ABRA in our SPPC Series. These pre-cuts pair with other products like our service plugs, the PTSP Series, to develop a quick and convenient in-house maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) kit. Caplugs has prioritized safety features and maintenance convenience when designing our hose guard protective products.

Pig’s Tail vs. Safeplast: A brief overview

Pig’s Tail:

  • Manufactured with high-density polyethylene (HDPE), affording UV resistance and heavy-duty durability in extreme temperatures between 40 °F and 280 °F
  • Unique rounded and beveled edges for easy installation on loose/mounted hose and cable
  • Tight coils for minimal hose exposure
  • Available in various diameters and stocked in carton quantities for high-volume needs

Safeplast Safe-Spiral Wrap:

  • Made with high-density polyethylene (HDPE), enabling resistance to acids, oils and solvents, while withstanding temperatures ranging from -60 °F to 175 °F
  • Flexible for easy installation
  • Manufactured with UV protection and anti-static additives
  • Available in various diameters and offered in small, pre-cut and custom-cut lengths

Highlighted Pig’s Tail and Safeplast products

Pig's Tail:

Spiral Protective Wrapping | PTPW Series

  • Designed to increase the service life of hoses and cables
  • UV resistant and protects against UV damage
  • HDPE material provides protection from crushing and maintains a spiral shape

Explore the PTPW Series

Hose Sleeve (Anti-abrasion Sleeve) | PTHS Series

  • Reduces damage to hoses when exposed to critical conditions
  • Prevents oil spills when severe damages or malfunctions occur
  • Optimal resistance to mechanical stress

Explore the PTHS Series

Fire Resistant Anti-static Spiral Wrap | PTFRAS Series

  • Anti-static and fire retardant to prevent accidental flames and sparks in critical environments
  • Allows bundling of multiple or single hoses according to requirement
  • MSHA-certified and approved for safe usage in mines

Explore the PTFRAS Series

Hose-Bend Restrictors | HB Series

  • Tapered for easy installation
  • Reduce bending stress near the hose-coupling junction
  • Eliminates the need for costly adhesives or clamps

Explore the HB Series


Safe-Spirals Protection for Hydraulic Hoses | SPSS Series

  • Made with anti-static and UV-protection additives
  • Tolerates acids, oils and solvents
  • Available in bio-based, plastics and eco-friendly materials

Explore the SPSS Series

Safe-Spiral ABRA with 2-Color Wear Indicator | SPAB Series

  • Designed with a visual wear indicator that identifies problem area before failure occurs
  • Exterior thin layer shows the yellow interior with excess wear and tear
  • Non-abrasive and easy to work with

Explore the SPAB Series

Safe-Sleeve Burst and Containment Protection | PTPS Series

  • Burst and containment protection tested to 400 bar
  • Flame retardancy exceeds performance levels to ISO 8030 and self-extinguishes in less than 30 seconds
  • Protects against physical abrasion and deterioration

Explore the PTPS Series

Safe-Wrap | SFWP Series

  • Installs quickly and easily without a need to disconnect lines
  • Can protect operators from injury in the event of a hose burst
  • Enhances appearance and eliminates the need for cable ties

Explore the SFWP Series

Customized hose protection

Need custom hose protection with a particular color or specialized markings? We’re here to help. Our SPDU Series Safety-Spiral Duo is not only designed to protect your hose, but also has an additional safety feature – a caution stripe down the middle of the spiral for increased visibility. We are able to change the color stripe to meet your specific requirements or branding preferences, and we can even add pad- printed logos. We can also add markings or instructions to your product. For example, we can design your hose protection with an arrow indicating flow direction or to label the wrapped line. Lastly, we also manufacture cut-to-length runs of spiral wrap from existing sizes or our engineers can work with you to develop a custom size or length to meet your exact need.

No matter the need, it’s a wrap with Caplugs

Both Pig’s Tail and Safeplast spiral wrap lines offer excellent wear and damage protection for your pneumatic and hydraulic hoses, helping prevent downtime and save time and money on repairs. Investing in hose guard products can help extend the useful life of your hoses and help you protect your investment, and help keep everyone on the job safe and make maintenance faster and easier.

No matter your industry, no matter your application, let us help protect your critical connections. Browse our hose guard products and request a sample or buy conveniently online today, or contact us using our web chat or by calling 888.CAPLUGS for help finding the right product or custom solution for your needs.